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34402Johnny Bull Revisits Alexandria

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  • Todd Post
    Dec 1, 2007
      I am pleased to announce the launch of a web page for "Alexandria
      Surrenders" '08, hosted by the Carlyle House August 23, 2008 in
      Alexandria VA.

      Visit www.alexandria1814.org for more details. The web page is very
      preliminary at this point and details will be added as they become
      available. The event recreates the surrender by the citizens of
      Alexandria VA to the British in August 1814 following the burning of
      Washington DC and we encourage British regulars and naval impressions
      as well those with civilian impressions to interpret the residents of
      the city. Authenticity and safety guidelines are being drafted and
      invitations will go out in upcoming months.

      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Best regards,
      Todd Post, Event Coordinator
      Alexandria Surrenders

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