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  • Ray Hobbs
    Nov 30, 2007
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      To all the folk whose origins are in the Highlands and Lowlands - Happy
      Feast of St. Andrew! Interesting how the celebration of a dissolute
      poet is more well known. (No offence intended, the Welsh had their
      equivalent - whose initials are, coincidentally DT).

      Now to bring things back to the "our" period. In 1804 the British
      government decided to do away with kilts in Scottish regiments. One
      commentator offers the understatement that "there was a massive

      Colonel Alan Cameron of the 79th Regiment (The Camerons) wrote the
      following defence of the kilt and its - "free congenial circulation of
      pure wholesome air (as an exhilarating native bracer) which has
      hitherto so peculiarly benefitted the Highlander for activity, and all
      other necessary qualities of a soldier, whether for hardship upon
      scanty fare, readiness in accoutring, or making forced marches, & c.,
      beside the exclusive advantage, when halted, of drenching his kilt &
      c.,, in the next brooks, as well as washing his limbs, and drying both,
      as it were by constant fanning . without injury to either, but on the
      contrary, feeling clean and comfortable... I sincerely hope His Royal
      Highness will never acquiesce in so painful and degrading idea (come
      from whatever quarter it may) as to strip us of our native garb...and
      stuff us in breeches."

      Whether because of Cameron's eloquence, or other considerations, the
      Government abandoned the idea :)

      Yr H & OS
      Ray H
      41st Regt.

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