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343Re: Who won???

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    Feb 19, 1999
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      Yes, life can be a real bitch, imagine have a neighbour like that on a
      personal basis! DUCK and RUN :)
      >From: Sean <shirst@...>
      >There is a joke that runs amongst 1812 reenactors with regards to the issue
      >of who won. It goes - The Canadians think they won, the Americans KNOW they
      >won and the British don't know it even happened. In a lot of ways this
      >statement is very true. Canadians think they won but never say anything
      >because we are too polite to step on anyones toes or make offence. The
      >Americans, regardless of historical fact are convinced they won; after all
      >how could they lose to a bunch of backwoods northerners like us. The
      >British were too busy with Bonaparte to really consider Canada as more than
      >a minor operation.
      >Unfortunately this misinformation is a part of our national history and
      >until we stand and say something it will continue in such a fashion. Canada
      >has to learn to stand up proudly behind its soldiers. History has proven
      >that we have a damned fine and very effective armed forces. Sometimes
      >Canadians have even, on a one for one basis, been considered as the best in
      >the world. America has to learn that it's okay to say they lost this one.
      >Everything returned to the status quo in the end. America thought it would
      >be a roll over, finished quickly and England would have to listen to them.
      >But the American army at the beginning of the war was ill-prepared to face
      >our forces, small though they were. In the first year and a half of the war
      >America had a few very embarassing losses to small numbers. They were
      >out-maneuvered and out fought at every turn, but in the later war period
      >they improved tactics and were soon matching the British with win for win.
      >It's a point of pride for us. A victory which formed a nation an started us
      >on the road to having influence in England. Europeans are often heard
      >saying why do you care Canadians and Americans are the same aren't they,
      >but that would be like saying to an Irishman that they were the same as the
      >English. Boy would tempers flare with that one.
      >We are to very different people who happen to be able to get along fairly
      >well despite certain differences and one of the very reasons we are
      >different is because of the War of 1812.
      >I can't really give exact numbers on the breakdown of War of 1812
      >participants so I won't try. I'm sure there is someone out there with some
      >precise figure that they would be happy to divulge.
      >Cpl. Sean Hirst
      >Royal Newfoundland Reg't, Lt. Coy
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      >The War of 1812: In Europe, thousands fought over the fate of hundreds of square
      >miles: in North America, hundreds determined the fate of THOUSANDS of square

      IX Regt.
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