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  • Dave Westhouse
    Oct 1, 2007
      Thank you everyone for your kind words and attendance to Fanshawe
      1812. A lot of work but well worth it. There were a lot of
      individuals behind the scenes who put this one together. Forgive me
      if I miss anyone but I want to ensure that a few notables get due

      From the 1st (Royal Scots) Grenadiers; Glyn Parsons, Linda Parsons,
      Kevin Garrett, Ron Zboril, my wife Karen, and of course Hal who has
      continuously talked this event up.

      From the village; Sheila, Lana, Eleanor, Nelson, Robert, Jeremy and
      Jeff for allowing us to take over their village and play. We are
      invited back again next year.

      Speaking of next year, the event is once again the weekend before
      the Canadian Thanksgiving as it was this year but will fall in
      October as it usually does. The date had previously been posted on
      the events list under 2008 event planner

      October 4th and 5th, 2008.

      No firm decision has been made on another ed day but feedback has
      been very positive.

      Thanks for all the wonderfully positive comments we all received
      this weekend. Feel free to send comments about the weekend to me to
      pass on to the other organizers to make it even better.

      More pictures of the event are available on the Royal Scots album

      Thank you again and we will see there next year.
      Fanshawe 1812 - The Invasion of Upper Canada
      October 4th and 5th, 2008

      Dave Westhouse
      1st (Royal Scots) Grenadiers

      I will leave you with some of the comments received by some of the
      teachers from the ed day on the 28th;

      -Really liked the encampment and found touring the encampment
      interesting and informative

      -Valued the Native perspective that was represented throughout the

      -4 hrs was a great time to do all of the activities

      -Liked making corn husk dolls and learning about a woman's life when
      a man is away from home at the Life without a Man station.

      - Liked the Republican Views and the interaction provided by the
      school house teachers and the activities they presented to students.

      -Students really enjoyed the hands on activities

      -"Great Day - Please do again next year." - Major Ballachey P.S.

      -"We thoroughly enjoyed our day." - Sarnia Christian School
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