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  • IX Regt.
    Feb 19, 1999
      >Greetings all,
      >I've just joined the list and have been asked to provide the following
      >information about myself:
      >I am Michael Mathews and live in Rochester, Minnesota (you betcha by golly)
      >USA. My wife and I reenact the French and Indian war period with Compagnie
      >Franche de la Marine du Fort la Jonquiere. In addition I portray a
      >Canadian fur trader who raised a company of voyageurs during the War of
      >1812 and helped capture the fort at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Our 1812
      >group only goes out a couple of times each year, but playing Joseph
      >Roulette and his band of rag-a-muffins has been fun. My main interest, and
      >reason for joining the list, is my reenactment of a sergent in the 21e
      >rgiment d'Infanterie de ligne. I guess I am the field commander for the
      >3e Cie of this fine regiment. As such, I have participated in the Brigade
      >Napoleon tacticals here in North America, and have done some events in
      >We are anxiously awaiting the grand tactical in Toronto May 22-23, and are
      >always looking for established events where we would also be welcome.
      >These have regretably been few and far between except for time-line events.
      >So, I look forward to your news, views and input while hoping that I can
      >contribute something myself.
      Which fine Regiment are you refering to Michael, can't be 21eme I know,
      they couldn't find any beer at Leipzig! and can't even handle Le team
      Sappeur yet.

      Take care Michael, regards to the 3e Companie, we'll be thinking of you
      next weekend at Loevestein ~ Yes I'm taking Seagull over, guess why?
      then I reckon to poison the Lowfile file!

      Pioneer Pete

      IX Regt.
      >Michael Mathews -- ITV Specialist
      >Winona State University
      >Voice: (507) 285-7585 Fax: (507) 280-5568
      >"Loyalty to pertified opinion never broke a chain
      > or freed a human soul" -- Mark Twain
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      >The War of 1812: In Europe, thousands fought over the fate of hundreds of square
      >miles: in North America, hundreds determined the fate of THOUSANDS of square

      IX Regt.
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