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33702Re: [War Of 1812] Carbines and Fusils

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  • Jim Pierce
    Sep 6, 2007
      But the point is that the same muskets in stores were progressively known as "black muskets, " then "carbines" and finally India Patterns, if I recall correctly.?


      I, for one, would enjoy seeing the reference you have in your files. It may make things easier. As for my original assertion that I suspect the muskets you refer to as "black" being sea service models...I'll stand by that guess for now on the premise that Quebec is, after all, a port and Sea Services, while varying in length, did tend to be shorter than army issued muskets (could that account for them being referred to as carbines?).

      As to the contention that they were India Pattern Bess's? They absolutely could be technically, as Sea Service patterns were really just simpler versions (less hardware etc) of the various Bess patterns.

      Fair Winds,

      Jim Pierce
      "A drop of Nelson's Blood wouldn't do us any harm"

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