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32289Re: Forage (Garrison) Caps

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  • Chris McKay
    May 2, 2007
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      The blue pillbox style forage cap worn by the Fort York guard and
      the Royal Scots light company was the universal pattern adopted for
      all infantry regiments in 1812. They were to be issued to all
      infantry regiments, but deliveries to the Peninsula were slow, so
      many did not receive them by the end of the war. In Canada, however,
      10,000 forage caps of this style were recieved in 1813 alone and more
      arrived in 1814. I would argue that by the end of the war, this
      style would dominate in Canada.

      Chris McKay
      > I am informed that Fort York (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) received
      > garrison (Forage) caps [see: photo pillbox2 By: mrkdickerson in the
      > Photo section of this Yahoo Group). These were issued to the troops
      > garrisoned there.
      > This does not coincide with any hat worn in Europe by Wellington's
      > Army (as communicated to me)
      > We forget The War of 1812 (North America) was not the Penninsula War
      > Uniform replacement was not on the priority list for troops in
      > America
      > Mr. Twist, Mr.Henderson and others have done research on Forage
      > (Garrison) Caps and have come to the conclusion that
      > the "elf", "stocking" or " bonnet de police" was the most common
      > worn by Crown Forces in the Great Lakes area of North America.
      > The 7th USI as other USA Forces also wear a similar cap of French
      > design
      > Yrs.,
      > L2
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