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320Re: Ft George Event

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    Jan 16, 1999
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      Dear Mistress Lynda,

      I echo the sentiments of General Pickles regarding the odd
      discrepancy between what your companion is paid and what he hands over. I
      would suggest that YOU attend pay parade and assist him with his financial
      activities. Speak softly but carry a big stick.

      If it is washing you desire i am sure that the 42RHRA can provide
      all you can cope with. A battle and 14 hours in the pub does remarkable
      things to the inside of a kilt. Accordingly we have bundled up 50 of them
      and dispatched them with Federal Express across the Pacific. The man who
      collected them said that you would be paying the postage and that seemed
      fair to us.

      So when may we expect them returned? At present we have a half
      company drilling in bonnet, coatee, and green plastic garbage bags.
      Functional, but a jarring sight.

      I shal await your next posting eagerly.

      Lt. Stein

      PS: I wonder if you could elaborate a little on those extra services that
      you mentioned after the Officer's dinner. Does this include .....doing the
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