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31604Wills was Notification of Families of British War Casualties

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  • larrylozon
    Mar 8 10:23 AM
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      Lorina wrote:

      ". . . An estate would not be willed to a woman because according to
      British law (and much of European) a woman could not hold title.

      Thank you Lady Lorina

      Levels of literacy and law aside, it was expensive to write a will
      and most soldiers did not have the money or the intention of creating
      a will.

      Officers may create a will but the common soldier … rare

      It is hard to set our mind set to 1812-1815 but it was a
      different time. Read legal documents from the time.

      Wives in 1812 were considered chattel and men usually inherited
      all (not politically correct but historically correct)


      chat·tel n. (chât'l)
      1. Law: An article of movable personal property.
      2. A slave.

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