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31591Re: [War Of 1812] Notification of Families of British War Casualties

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  • Ray Hobbs
    Mar 7 3:27 PM
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      Hi Glenn:
      I shall be in Ottawa and grubbing through the Archives at the end of
      March. I'll see what I can find.
      On a related note - Major Adam Muir of the 41st was a hero of the war,
      as a Captain. He was invalided out of the army in 1819, and eventually
      died in Sorel (William Henry), Canada in 1828. His wife had a devil of
      a job getting his pension from the army agents, and eventually had to
      resort to two memorials to the Duke himself. This worked.

      The story is full of tragedy and pathos. If a highly regarded officer
      and a decorated one (Gold Medal) had this much trouble getting his just
      desserts, or rather, his family did. one can only imagine what happened
      to the regular Tommy.

      As you said, great thread, and one worth following.

      Ray H

      On 7-Mar-07, at 5:13 PM, glenn stott wrote:

      > Dear List,
      > What an interesting discussion! It appears then that there is little
      > first hand evidence of actual personnel communicating with families
      > about the fate of their loved ones. Also considering the general lack
      > of wealth among the private soldiers there probably would be very
      > little property left to distribute. Therefore, it would be left to the
      > home depot of the regiment when the final muster tallies came in to
      > determine what course of action to take... ie will, or pay back to the
      > regiment...
      > Also it would imply that many families would not know the fate of
      > their 'soldier' until long after it had happened.
      > I realize that reforms occurred following the Crimean War but up to
      > that time the army probably owned you as a soldier.
      > Another question if I may... did each soldier at the end of the pay
      > period actually receive the cash or was it credited to him in some
      > other form or was it passed onto his family etc. Are there any
      > records?
      > I appreciate any information you can share. Thanks again.
      > Glenn Stott, Royal Scots Light Company
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