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31571Re: [War Of 1812] Notification of Families of British War Casualties

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  • John Harris
    Mar 6, 2007
      >> Does anyone have anymore information about the process... who
      would inform the relatives or representative, when and how... Muster
      Roll records simply list town of origin, and parish from which they
      came... There is no next of kin listed... It sounds as if it was to
      be the initiative of the relatives.
      > Help!!
      > Glenn Stott, Royal Scots, Light Company.

      "Muster Roll records simply list town of origin, and parish from
      which they came... "

      Hi Glenn
      I think that that is the answer, meaning the Parish where they
      enlisted. In theory, the Parish would be close to home and a very
      vital part of the society in which you grew up in. We do know that
      desertion notice's were posted on the Parish "door", aka: the
      church , for all to see , and could be used as a deterrent so as not
      to bring disgrace upon your family still living in the area.
      The church was where you learned of events that have happened to
      your fellow parishoners , who you may only see once a week . It would
      also be the centre of the social society in which you lived.
      Officers death's by name and Regiment, were published in the
      newspapers. If you've ever seen the reprint of the Time's about
      Waterloo , you'll see this . Enlisted men are only listed as
      killed/wounded/missing in the total returns.
      Honestly, I can't say that this procedure would be 100% correct, but
      it does make sense to me.
      John Harris
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