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31570Re: [War Of 1812] Re: Notification of Families of British War Casualties

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  • Craig Williams
    Mar 6, 2007

      I don't know if contacting the next of kin was SOP, but , (and I'm
      only guessing here), finding them might have been based on sending the
      correspondence via the parish noted on the soldiers attestations papers.

      Craig W

      On 6-Mar-07, at 2:09 PM, Chris McKay wrote:

      > So, was this the standard procedure? That a man's NCO or CO would
      > write a letter to his family informing them of his death or is this an
      > exception. I've read memoirs of serjeants that seem to indicate that
      > they're writing a letter to someone's family because they were close,
      > but it doesn't seem to indicate the that was SOP. How would the army
      > know where to send the letters?
      > Chris
      > One from the chap himself, one from
      > > his sergeant to his family saying he had been killed and
      > recommending they
      > > claim his prize and blood money and subsequent letters from the
      > authorities
      > > pertaining to the claim, ending with one saying that his father had
      > already
      > > claimed the cash.

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