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31569Re: Notification of Families of British War Casualties

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  • Chris McKay
    Mar 6, 2007
      So, was this the standard procedure? That a man's NCO or CO would
      write a letter to his family informing them of his death or is this an
      exception. I've read memoirs of serjeants that seem to indicate that
      they're writing a letter to someone's family because they were close,
      but it doesn't seem to indicate the that was SOP. How would the army
      know where to send the letters?


      One from the chap himself, one from
      > his sergeant to his family saying he had been killed and
      recommending they
      > claim his prize and blood money and subsequent letters from the
      > pertaining to the claim, ending with one saying that his father had
      > claimed the cash.
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