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31250Prisoners of War - British - Right Division, 1813 - useful source of info

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  • James Yaworsky
    Jan 31, 2007
      A useful source of information on British prisoners is the book 'Raw
      Recruits and Bullish Prisoners" by Patricia Fife Medert. This book
      was published by the Ross County Historical Society in 1992, I don't
      know if it's still available but I got my copy at the gift shop at
      Fort Meigs. It has a useful bibliography, which lists a PHD
      dissertation by Anthony G. Dietz "The Prisoner of War in the United
      States during the War of 1812", Washington, D.C.: American University,
      1964, which Ms. Medert seems to have got a lot of information out of.

      Jim Yaworsky
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