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30845Re: [War Of 1812] British Drummers + Bearskins

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  • Tom Fournier
    Jan 1, 2007
      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, Luthien Tinuviel <rrbeckner@...>
      > So it would seem that the drummers and fifers of the
      > grenadier company had both a shako and a bearskin (if
      > "grenadier cap" may be interpreted as bearskin)?
      > Perhaps the bearskins were only worn for special
      > occasions?
      > Beck
      > Fifer, 89th Regt. Grenadier Coy.

      Good question! I went back and checked the ratios on some of the

      40 Sergeant Coats
      40 Caps
      4 Grenadier Caps

      664 Rank and File Coats
      664 Caps
      80 Grenadier Caps

      The same seems to hold true - both the Grenadier Cap and a regular
      Cap for all ...

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