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30843British Drummers + Bearskins

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  • Tom Fournier
    Jan 1, 2007
      I am responding to the thread around Drummers and Bearskins ...

      I have some details from an 1811 return for the 41st Regiment while
      they were in Canada:

      Under Accoutrements:


      Hangers 22
      Belts 22
      Drum Carriages 20
      Drum Cases 20

      Under Clothing:


      Coats 22
      Waistcoats 22
      Breeches 22
      Shoes 22
      Grenadier Caps 4
      Caps 22
      Great Coats 22

      For the rank & file, there were also 80 Grenadier Caps and for the
      Sergeants there were 4 Grenadier Caps.

      I am assuming that the standard "Caps" are the same stovepipe shakos
      that the rank & file wore?

      Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

      Tom Fournier
      41st Regiment of Foot
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