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298Re: Set agenda (was Umbrellas)

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  • IX Regt.
    Nov 27, 1998
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      In message <05CBE365EF11003C*/c=US/admd=TeleMail/prmd=Deloitte/o=ccMailG
      W/s=Burrill/g=James/@MHS>, James Burrill <jburrill@...> writes
      >From: James Burrill <jburrill@...>
      > Hopefully, it could grow from there, but Dammit, let's quit jabbering
      > at each other and sort this out!.....:)
      > Cheers,
      > Jim Burrill

      Amen to that, you guys gabber in spades, I've never seen so much verbage
      expended over so little action, you're worse than the Emperor's lot!

      Go to it guys.

      IX Regt.
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