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291Re: Set agenda (was Umbrellas)

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  • BritcomHMP@xxx.xxx
    Nov 27, 1998
      In a message dated 11/27/98 12:36:35 PM Central Standard Time,
      jburrill@... writes:

      << Hi Tim,

      For the life of me, I don't recollect that we talked about Larry and I
      working jointly on the news letter. If I had forgotten about it, at
      least he never contacted me about my lack of involvement. >>

      Hi Jim
      Just for the record I recall you saying that you would like to do a
      newsletter and I told you that Larry wanted to do the same thing and suggested
      that the two of you worked together on it so that we would have two
      distribution points (States and Canada) and not have the problem of having to
      send the thing across international borders. Oh well perhaps my brain is just
      thoroughly addled after all!

      Anyway I will send you a copy of the NA stuff I sent to Larry for your
      perusal. As I have said before it has stuff in it that has to comply with the
      Health and Safety Executive rules in the UK so some form of adaptation for the
      Americas should certainly be in order but I think its a good starting point.
      Particularly as it is already in force for all NA units.


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