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289Re: Set agenda (was Umbrellas)

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  • James Burrill
    Nov 27 10:36 AM
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      Hi Tim,

      For the life of me, I don't recollect that we talked about Larry and I
      working jointly on the news letter. If I had forgotten about it, at
      least he never contacted me about my lack of involvement. The last I
      heard from you about it was before the French "Tactique" in Maryland,
      and you said you were having trouble sending the files. At least I
      never got the email or snail mail with the info (clip art to use)
      ...did you send it straight to Larry?

      In any event, we need to sort out all the topics we have been tossing
      around on this newsgroup and put something down on paper (in at least
      an electronic format) that we all can live with. Hell, we can refer to
      it as the "1812/Napoleonic Reenactor's Manifesto" or whatever proper
      name. It doesn't need to be the formal charter for all groups to swear
      by, just let it be a statement of basic topics we can agree to live
      under when we meet at events.

      Hopefully, it could grow from there, but Dammit, let's quit jabbering
      at each other and sort this out!.....:)

      Jim Burrill

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      Subject: [WarOf1812] Re: Set agenda (was Umbrellas)
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      Date: 11/27/98 9:28 AM

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