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28875Re: Questions - 4th Foot Grenadier shoulder epaulette fringe

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  • James Yaworsky
    Jun 20, 2006
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      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Charlie McCulloh"
      <moosenmoo35244@...> wrote:
      > I've been picking at these doubled over wool strips for three months
      > whenever I get the chance. I've been told that the fringe on our 4th
      > Foot (Grenadier Company) shoulder epaulettes was made this way.
      > Q:
      > Is that correct?
      > Q:
      > Is there a simpler method than the laborious picking of single strands?
      > Q:
      > AND for God's sake, can you buy this pre-made of a correct
      > construction and quality?
      > Inquiring minds want to know.
      > Charlie McCulloh
      > 4th Foot (The Kings Own)
      > On the Gulf Coast

      Terminology clarification: only officers' coats have epaulettes...
      ranker and NCO coats have "shoulder straps".

      Line companies have shoulder straps with rather large tufts along
      their base (where the shoulder strap is sewn in to the top of the arm

      Grenadier and Light Company coats generally don't have similar tufts.

      They have, instead, "wings", which are small pieces of fabric sewn in
      to the top of the arm seam that sort of hang down a few inches over
      the sleeve. These "wings" are edged in regimental lace, with 6
      "darts" of regimental lace spaced evenly but at an angle across their
      width from the seam to the bottom edge of the wing (the part closest
      to the ground when you wear the coat).

      Some wings have, in addition to regimental lace edging their bottom, a
      "fringe" of strands of wool. This strand seems to vary in its size
      from unit to unit - in some cases, it seems almost as dense as the
      line company shoulder tuft, in other cases, it looks rather minimal.

      The logical person(s) to help out on this inquiry (assuming I have
      understood and laid it out properly above) would be members of
      grenadier companies (and/or maybe light companies) who have some
      experience of putting tuft edging on their wings. How about it, guys?
      What's the story? This inquiring mind also wants to know.

      Jim Yaworsky
      Line Company, 41st - "No expert in grenadier or light company wing
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