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28671Re: [WarOf1812] head of state was Isaac Brock NEEDS YOU!

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  • Craig Williams
    Jun 6 6:01 PM
      just a query,
      Is not the correct term a "Constitutional Monarchy"?

      On 6-Jun-06, at 4:48 PM, Ray Hobbs wrote:

      > L2
      > We have a Parliamentary democracy in Canada, which some significant
      > differences from that in the US.
      > In Canada, our official Head of State is still the Queen, and in the
      > time she is out of Canada, the Governor General, Queen's
      > representative. It is she who has to sign bills into law.
      > Harper is Leader of the Conservative Party, and by virtue of their
      > numbers in Parliament, Head of the Government, i.e. Prime Minister.
      > Part III, paras 9 & 10 of the Canadian Constitution states:
      > The Executive Government and Authority of and over Canada is hereby
      > declared to continue and be vested in the Queen.
      > The Provisions of this Act referring to the Governor General extend
      > and apply to the Governor General for the Time being of Canada, or
      > other the Chief Executive Officer or Administrator for the Time being
      > carrying on the Government of Canada on behalf and in the Name of the
      > Queen, by whatever Title he is designated.
      > Hope this clarifies the ?
      > Yrs etc.
      > Ray

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