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28357RE: [WarOf1812] Lundy's Lane vs Longwoods

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  • Kevin Windsor
    May 1, 2006
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      Actually the casualty rate is lower than that for the British. It was only
      24%. (876 out of 3640)
      The brunt of the casualties being from the 41st Reg't (62%) and the 89th
      Reg't (60%) The Scots suffered 30%, but I suspect that the 3 companies
      under Morrison suffered more casualties then the 7 companies under Gordon.
      I wish there was a break down between Brigades.

      89th Reg't

      -----Original Message-----

      Longwoods was indeed a historical battle. It was fought on March 4th,
      1814 along the Longwoods Road (#2 highway) near Wardsville.
      Perhaps not of the magnitiude of Lundy's Lane, but no less ferocious for

      the men who were there. The casualty rate at Lundy's Lane was approximately

      29%. At Longwoods, there were 67 casualties out of 236 regulars, militia
      and natives (28%).
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