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27993Historical Authenticity?

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  • Lalozon
    Apr 3, 2006
      From: <BritcomHMP@...>

      "... My point is that it is possible to produce every item of kit
      authentically ... The only way to have 'uniform' uniforms is for
      manufactures to conform to the correct patterns with correct materials as
      was done at the time..."

      Yur Grace

      Said as per a Leader on Men

      I was going to email you privately but I feel that this Yahoo Group should
      read this as some want to do it correctly.

      While visiting a mutual friend, I offered the question:

      " Why should some of us care that we have hand stitched trousers made from
      the correct material and pattern, hand made vests, etc. . when others wear
      black running shoes?"

      The answer I was given by him and other re-enactors who do it correctly was,

      " We do it for ourselves, we know what is correct and wrong"

      While doing a Revolutionary War event I was asked why I tote a plastic
      cooler and beer that has to be opened with a modern bottle opener?"

      He told me if I brought a bottle of red wine I didn't need the cooler or
      bottle opener and I could find a period cork screw.

      He also asked, " Why take a three mile detour for a one mile walk!?

      Those who want to do it, will . those who don't, will find a million excuses
      not to



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