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27992Re: Historical Authenticity?

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  • md5_yager
    Apr 3 3:59 PM
      The sewing machine can be used to make a authentic reproduction
      coatee -- in the same way that modern steel and automated CNC milling
      machines are used to make the lock, stock and barrel of the musket we
      take onto the field. These same machines can also fashion the parts of
      the automatic weapons you mention. The coatee made on the sewing
      machine is no less authentic than the musket made in modern machine
      shops. OK, OK, you Indian musket owners have a claim!

      Now about that "transporter", it's called a "re-enactment". End of


      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin Windsor" <kevin.windsor@...>
      > Yes, in the same way that the British army would all have been armed
      > automatic weapons if they had them. Or I would get into a
      transporter to
      > get to events, if I had one.
      > They didn't! I don't! End of story.
      > -----Original Message-----
      > This naturally begs the question, would they have used a sewing
      machine if
      > they had one?
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