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  • ray hobbs
    Apr 2, 2006
      Mostly for the Navy types out there. On a recent trip to the UK I came
      across a newly published memoir.
      James Lowry, Fiddlers and Whores: The Candid Memoirs of a Surgeon in
      Nelson's Fleet. (London: Chatham Publishing, 2006).

      The book makes interesting reading, and it covers the years from 1797
      to 1804, Lowry's period of service. The title comes from Nelson's
      description of Naples as "a country of fiddlers, poets, whores and
      scoundrels". Mr Lowry seems to have done much of the whoring, no
      fiddling or poetry!

      The interesting thing about the long-lost manuscript is, that although
      Lowry was Irish, and died in his native land, the manuscript found its
      way to North America, and surfaced in Toronto a few years ago. It was
      destined for the trash heap!!!!!

      There is also a photograph of his surgical instruments in their
      original case.

      Yrs etc.
      Ray Hobbs

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