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  • andrew41st
    Apr 1 5:56 PM
      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, Craig Williams <sgtwarner@...> wrote:
      > Galvanizing - see cross dressing

      That one comes from the Civil War. The original "Galvanized Yankees"
      were Confederate POW's who enlisted in the Union Army to avoid prison
      camp and were sent out west to man frontier outposts and fight the
      Indians. For reenactors, "galvanizing" usually means throwing on a
      coat and hat of the opposing side to even up the numbers in a tactical
      rather than putting on a whole new impression.

      > Civilwargasm; This was coined in a book which if memory serves was
      > called "Confederates in the Attic" and referred to getting all geared
      > up and going as close to 100% period correct for an extended period
      > of time.

      That was a good book. What they actually did on a "Civil Wargasm" was
      put on period garb and go on a several day road trip to hit as many
      Civil War sites as possible, drinking large amounts of caffeine and
      sugar and eating fast food the whole way, and either sleeping in the
      car or sneaking into a historical site at night to sleep on the
      original ground. I suppose this would have an effect on your mind
      after a couple of days.

      Andrew Bateman, 41st Foot
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