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27944Re: [WarOf1812] Help with research paper

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  • Peter Monahan
    Apr 1, 2006
      Oh, boy! Are we gonna have fun with this!

      "Button-pisser" - apparently from the practice of some ACW types who "speed up" corrosion on their metal findings by.., You get the idea!

      "Flatlanders" - tourists (got this from a sutler whom good manners precludes me naming). A buckskinner term?

      "Moose and Squirrel brigade" - farby "mountain men" amd "militia" with small dead animals on their heads. See also "road kill brigade"

      non-HA terms for firearms and parts thereof: "frizzen" for "pan cover", etc. (Ducking for cover here, but see previous threads on this site)

      "cross dresser" - an American in Br/Cdn uniform or vice-versa.

      "sutler" for "merchant" !!! (Sorry, Craig, couldn't resist!)

      "Wa-Na-Bees" - emphasis on the second syllable - for very inaccurate Native impressions

      I hasten to add that I have never, nor would I ever consider, actually used any of these terms about anyone!

      BTW, the Toronto Star used to regularly publish lists of "trade specific" terms but quit not long after a column on airline workers terms for passengers: too many of them were quite inappropriate for a family newspaper.

      My tuppence and change

      Peter Monahan
      From: "Tom" <t_a_robinson@...>
      Date: 2006/03/31 Fri PM 06:15:01 EST
      To: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [WarOf1812] Help with research paper

      Ok, folks, first let me start by apologizing if you receive this more
      than once, as I am a member of a number of re-enacting e-mail groups.

      My daughter is an English major at the University of Southern
      Mississippi, and is doing a research paper on jargon, or language
      associated with a particular job or hobby. She has chosen "re-
      enactorisms" as her subject and has asked me to send out a call to
      you for assistance in this endeavor.

      If you would kindly take a moment and think about the terms you apply
      to what we do, but would otherwise make no sense to the rest of
      humanity; please jot them down and send as a reply to this message.
      Any definition, or part of speech (noun, pronoun, verb, adjective)
      descriptors would be helpful.

      It would be greatly appreciated and God knows I need to get the child
      out of college and making her own money. She cuts deeply into my re-
      enacting budget.

      I remain, your humble & obedient servant,

      Tom Robinson

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