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27508Re: Tecumseh facts vs Tecumseh fiction

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  • wolf_bna
    Feb 7, 2006
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      I have the great honor of posting the following reply forwaded and
      posted with the permission of Panther Clan Mother Dark Rain Thom. For
      verification of her right to speak 1812 Members may search for Dark
      Rain Thom James Alexander Thom or Random House Canada.

      MY Dear Cedar--

      As usual you have found the heart of the matter and stated it very
      well. He has now found the peace he was denied while alive, in the
      bosom of Mother Earth - as it is intended.

      At this time of the circle of time it matters not when nor why he
      died. We do know that at this time he is in spirit and embraced by
      those who orginally gave him life. Creator and Mother Earth. So it
      shall always be. Aho

      WHERE he was buried? When he died? By what means? Those who needed to
      know KNEW. Those who did not need to know...wonder and throw out wild
      suppositions. Those who were with him during the battle were well
      experienced at tending to such events as a warriors death in battle.
      This was certainly not their first experience in battle. Those who
      survived knew well what to do and when and how and where. IF others
      chose to not believe it or they chose to start or perpetuate their
      own myths...so be it.

      It matters not. Some say well, they need to pay tribute to him at his
      resting place. NOT. His spirit now flies with the wind, shines with
      the milky way, traverses the universe. He and his spirit is no longer
      bound by PLACE. A tobacco offering, a prayer all reach him thru
      immortal means.

      I am comforted to know no curious, shallow thinking persons claiming
      an entitlement to such sacred knowledge, can disturb him.

      Thank you for speaking so well for our beloved departed warrior.
      Aunty Dark Rain

      Single use by permission has been granted to:
      Cedar Heart
      also known as
      r patrick nichols
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