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27480Re: Teyoninhokarawen + Tecumseh Postings

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  • wolf_bna
    Feb 4, 2006
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      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Fournier"
      <tom4141fournier@...> wrote:
      > From one of Wolf's postings:
      > "That can be attributed to British Alligence and a Mohawk War Chief
      > named Teyoninhokarawen! I'll bet nobody has ever heard of him (trick
      > question)?"
      > Oh oh a trick question ...I was going to try Major John Norton ...
      > On another note, Wolf thank you for sharing your oral traditions
      > your thoughts. To me they are a generous contribution, impactful
      > the cause for reflection. It is impossible to picture the
      > outcomes of the conflict without considering your forefathers' many
      > significant contributions.
      > Your ally and your servant,
      > Tom Fournier
      > 41st Regiment of Foot

      Mr. Fournier...and all


      You are most welcome! Congratulations on the trick question!
      Teyoninhokarawen is indeed Major John Norton. However, the average
      Canadian doesn't know who he was.

      It is our earnest hope that we do not offend anyone but rather
      explain our history as it pertains to us. The difficult part of re-
      enacting for us is that we are charged with maintaining and telling
      our Nations' history as it has been passed down from those we speak
      about. We still have a Nation and a Clan to anwser to should our
      actions become dishonorable.

      We have the precarious responsibility to speak on behalf of our
      ancestors and ultimately our people. In doing so we often find
      ourselves in a battle of our history versus someone else's version.
      At times it can become extremely frustrating. As you witnessed at the
      41st Lecture I expressed the notion that most of the "written"
      historical accounts were not lies so much as they were "cultural

      As you are aware you (and anyone else) are always welcome at our camp
      to discuss our history and culture.

      In Peace and Friendship,

      Capt. Wolf Thomas BNA
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