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27448Re: [WarOf1812] Tecumseh facts vs Tecumseh fiction

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  • Peter Monahan
    Feb 2, 2006
      Mr Yaworski

      My reaction to the post you quote was the same as yours: shock. It was less than coherent and perhaps, to be charitable, an attempt to be humourous. as really "out there" speculation, I would suggest that it is an unprofitable avenue in which to invest much further discussion.

      Peter Monahan, Sgt Major, CFNA

      " I must confess I was stunned to read the following: "maybe the historical reports of .. Tecumseh were mearly wounded and not killed? ...

      Harrison was quite sure Tecumseh had been killed. He knew Tecumseh by
      sight ...they state they saw Tecumseh's body, and it had been most foully mutilated, presumably by "souvenir hunters".

      From: "wolf_bna" <britishnativeallies@...>

      I have never heard any such story that claimed Tecumseh was carried
      from the field alive only to die at some other time and location.

      I agree with Mr. Yaworsky and Mr. Thomas

      Members of Ken Hall's 'Kentucky Light Dragoons' who have visited the
      Kentucky museums and have photos of a captured 41st Regiment drum, a lantern
      shade supposedly made from a piece of Tecumseh's back skin, etc., relics
      from the Battle of the Thames brought back to Kentucky by members of the
      Kentucky Forces who fought at the Battle of the Thames.

      They have also researched documents that reports the 'Kentucky Light
      Dragoons' and USA Forces victory at the Battle of the Thames and that
      Tecumseh was killed and identified as the Shawnee known as 'Tecumthe'.

      James Alexander Thom states that his book "PANTHER IN THE SKY"
      ISBN:0-345-30596-5 which chronicles the life of Tecumseh, was researched
      from original documents and Shawnee oral history which state Tecumseh was
      killed during the Battle of the Thames.

      As does John Sugden author of "TECUMSEH'S LAST STAND" ISBN: 0-8061-1944-6

      Altho reports verify for sure that Elvis is alive and works at a gas station
      in Hamtramik Michigan ....


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