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27428Tecumseh facts vs Tecumseh fiction

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  • wolf_bna
    Feb 2, 2006
      As I am not Shawnee I cannot speak on their behalf. I can however
      relay what I have been told by them as well as my Nation's own oral

      I have never heard any such story that claimed Tecumseh was carried
      from the field alive only to die at some other time and location. It
      is not within our oral history nor what I've heard from the Shawnee,
      the Lenape, or the Chippawas of the Themes, Walpole Island, Stoney
      and Kettle Points etc.

      The oral history has always been clear that he was killed in the
      battle and his body was recovered. The military tradition (especially
      among the U.S. Army's Rangers) of recovering the bodies of their
      fellow soldiers from the field can trace it's roots to this Native
      trait. If the bodies were removed by the American or British soldiers
      and even buried by them, they still would have been recovered by the
      Natives. I am not at liberty to detail the ceremony we call Ohkiweh
      or "The Feast Of The Dead" but, it involves the remains of our
      ancestors. It is just as important as the Condolence at death.

      At the Battle of Oriskany during the American Revolutionary War, the
      bodies of ALL of the Seneca and Mohawk Warriors were recovered and
      given the proper ceremonies to send them to the Spirit World. An
      extremely important ritual among Native people. The bodies of the
      Tryon County Militia still lay where they fell on the battle field to
      this day.

      The "burial site conspiracy" was devised by the Nations to detour
      anyone from finding and desecrating his resting place.

      For example Joseph Brant's remains are not buried at the Mohawk
      Chapel. His tomb was desecrated at the turn of the 20th century and
      his remains were taken and are lost forever. This is what the people
      were trying to prevent back then.
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