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27410Re: [WarOf1812] TECUMSEH'S Bones

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  • Casey Coleman
    Feb 1, 2006
      Hello everyone... I usually don't reply to the things written in the yahoogroup, for I find it interesting just to sit back and read what is written by everyone else. However, being a first nations person, I feel that I should say something on the topic of Tecumseh's remains... I have heard many stories of what happened to Tecumseh after he died. Many people believe that he was buried shortly after which, as most of you know, there was no time to. The story that I am more inclined to believe would have been that his body was passed on from village to village, tribe to tribe, to finally rest where the American's could not get what little remained of him. I wouldn't think that he would pass into Mohawk hands, due to the fact that he had few followers from the band.

      Case "Masta" C.

      we will always remember you
      Jay "Masta" J.


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