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27404TECUMSEH'S Bones

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  • lalozon
    Feb 1, 2006
      From: "Peter Monahan" <petemonahan@...>

      Mr Lozon

      I know'knew Tecumseh was not a chief, any more than he was a British
      brigadier general, many paintings to the contrary.

      Sergeant Major,

      I knew you knew (did I say that correctly) and I also knew that you
      were at Wolf's speech ...
      I just thot I would cement the fact that Tecumseh was not a Chief.

      I hear that the a British Brigadier General thingie was due to an incident
      at Fort Ameherstburg (Malden).

      "Tecumseh had given Brock a woven sash so Brock gave him a scarlet officer's
      On leaving the building Tecumseh was seen talking to a warrior who was
      wearing a higher rank scarlet coat then Tecumseh so Brock hearing of this he
      gave him a British Brigadier General's coat so he would not be out ranked"
      .... (ole wife's tale?!? ... you be the judge.)

      Also Tecumseh was reported to be a Freemason ... for a man who hated whites
      as much as he did ... I doubt he would enter an organisation such as the

      He was a great man and that is when the stories start .....

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