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26603Re: [WarOf1812] In the beginning . . .

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  • Richard Feltoe
    Nov 1, 2005
      In Carl Benn's book, "Historic Fort York" published in 1993, page 152 has a
      photo of the Fort York opening day celebrations on Victoria Day 1934. In
      this image, as well as various dignitaries, a sailor in "modern" uniform and
      a two groups of ladies from what appears to be in the first instance an
      Ukranian and in the second, a Highland dance group (OMG multiculturalism was
      there then too!!!); there are a pair of ladies in quasi late 18th century
      dresses (perhaps a la Simcoe?) and a pair of infantrymen wearing an
      identifiably redcoat /dark pants / white crossbelts / stovepipe shako, kit.

      I think this is the earliest identifiable image that I'm aware of for an
      "1812 reenactor" in conjunction with that site or any other in the Ontario.
      however, you do pose an interesting question and I'm going to see if
      anything else crops up in some of the picture collections I have links to.
      Richard Feltoe
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