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  • lalozon
    Nov 1 6:41 AM
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      From: "Craig Williams" <sgtwarner@...>

      I also failed to mention the centennial Tattoo/Pageant of 1967 that
      included Canadian soldiers dressed in reproduced WW1 uniforms "recreating"
      an over the top attack.


      1967 was also the year that the "BATTLE OF THE THAMES" (Warof 1812) was
      presented at Chatham Ontario.
      It was part of the city's Centennial Project (1967 was Canada's Centennial.
      Confederation 1867.)

      The Canadian Army Reserve wore red coated uniforms and the local black
      powder club portrayed the American Forces. The Natives were from the three
      Indian Reserves in the area.

      It was repeated three years later in 1970.


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