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26590Re: [WarOf1812] In the beginning . . .

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  • Craig Williams
    Nov 1, 2005
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      As far as re-enactment in Canada goes I have to agree with Vic. The
      focused period re-enactment by predominantly the civilian/historian/
      antiquarian in Canada seems to start with the AWI. There is plenty of
      evidence of "sham battles" being performed in Canada during Military
      pageants in the Victorian age, but as Mr. Suthren points out, they
      were performed in contemporary uniform and equipment.
      The History of re-enactment as entertainment/education(?), can be
      documented back to the time of the Romans.
      I believe, (and some of our friends who know Roman history much
      better than I, will be able to correct me here), that it may have
      been Caligula that had a lake made for the re-enactment of a Roman
      Naval victory in which a large number of the original Roman soldiers/
      sailors from the battle, attacked a shipload of slaves and hacked
      their way into entertainment history. They likely killed more people
      than in a C.B.Demille epic but then, they were trying to.

      Craig Williams
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