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2625441st "All-up" schedule 2006

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  • ray hobbs
    Oct 2, 2005
      In the light of the recent discussion on the list about support of US
      events, the following will be of interest.

      At its Annual General Meeting yesterday, the 41st Regiment of Foot,
      HQ'd in Hamilton, Ontario, planned its 2006 season. Our pattern is to
      choose three "all-up" events, and then several authorized events for
      the season.
      Our three all-up events for 2006 are:

      May - Siege of Fort Meigs, Perrysburg, Ohio

      June - Grand Tactical Genesee Village - Mumford, NY

      Aug - Fort Niagara - Youngstown, NY

      Please note that all are in the United States. The decision was
      unanimous. Here's to a great 2006.
      Yrs etc.

      Ray Hobbs
      CO 41st Regt
      Hamilton, Ontario

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