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25318Re: [WarOf1812] canteen cracks

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  • abateman
    Jun 3 4:25 PM
      Has the canteen been stored dry, and are the cracks along the joints?
      Soaking it should swell the pieces and seal it up. I once got a second hand
      canteen that had been stored dry for a couple of years. The bands were
      loose, the pieces were rattling, and it leaked like a sieve. I filled it up
      and submerged it in a tub of water under a weight for a couple of days. No
      more leaks. To keep it watertight just store it full and top it up every
      week or so. Even now my personal canteen may get a minor leak near the top
      if I leave it long enough that some of the water evaporates and the wood is
      allowed to dry out. This is despite the fact that it has been lined with

      Andrew Bateman, 41st Foot

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      From: "Scott McDonald" <smcd@...>
      > How exactly does one seal up one's wood canteen. Mine has two
      > hairline cracks. I've been told to melt bees wax slosh it around and
      > pour out the excess. Will parafin(sp) do as a substitute?
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