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25314Re: canteen cracks

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  • md5_yager
    Jun 3, 2005
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      While parafin wax could be used, there are some problems. Parafin
      wax should be melted only in double boilers, not heated in pan directly
      over heat source. There is a real fire danger, as it can ignite easily
      compared to bees wax. Also, parafin wax can be really messy, e.g. never
      dump any down a sink or drain as it will clog up and nearly impossible
      to remove.

      I've used bees wax for the purpose you mention. It has worked well
      for sealing, and safer to work with than parafin.


      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, Scott McDonald <smcd@c...> wrote:
      > How exactly does one seal up one's wood canteen. Mine has two
      > hairline cracks. I've been told to melt bees wax slosh it around and
      > pour out the excess. Will parafin(sp) do as a substitute?
      > Scott McD.
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