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  • David Marquis
    Jun 1, 2005
      Here, Here!!!

      David Marquis
      42d RHR

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Ibbotson" <ibbo@m...> wrote:
      > John,
      > I am Mark Ibbotson, you singled me out for some reason so here I am!
      > I am with no group just an 1812er over in England (old battery has
      a connection with the war), I use this list mainly for research but
      will and should (like we all should) answer posts if I/ we see fit to
      do so (and I dont recall singling anyone out like you have me).
      > As for the list, I have been posting here for several years and
      have been involved in many discussions and even sometimes shared some
      humour (though never again with you). If I had singled you out and
      offended you I would gladly appologise but alas I didnt.
      > I provided a simple solution to the security scenario that was put
      on the list. Your all happy to re-enact and play soldiers, so do it
      properly and stag on like a good soldier and your men should remain
      safe (short n sweet answer with some lingo thrown in for good
      > "Apologies to those who may have been offended. And yes, I'm in a
      pissy mood!"
      > And that makes it right for you to single someone out and have a
      rant does it?
      > Well John if your security is anything close to your attitude then
      I am sure you will all be fine and secure.
      > And my reply was in no way out of line, A good sentry would leave
      some cold steel in his oppo's belly should they try anything on and I
      beleive that cold steel and run through are all terms from the day
      (valid this day too) British soldiers especially know these words
      (perhaps I could recite the The British Bayoneteers for you and get
      you into the frame of mind I was in when I answered the original
      > Why dont you trawl through the posts and complain about all the
      ones that refer to you as cousin johnathan, that's more racist and
      bigoted than anything i wrote, or are you simply attempting to pick
      on old Ibbo because you simply beleived I was new and been stupid?
      > However that said I am determined to visit some old battle sites
      and nothing (not even you mate) can deter me from attending the odd
      show or two. So keep your toes crossed I shall appear one day (I be
      starting at Fort Niagara).
      > I shall be more than happy to continue our little ravings privately
      via email should you wish to do so.
      > Ibbo
      > Niagara battery.
      > UBIQUE
      > --
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