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  • Chris
    May 31, 2005
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      Hello again people I would like get some answers on why my group the
      B.I.D is now on this so called ban that the On-Gwe-Ho-Way are on I
      have been told that My group is not able to go on the field I would
      just like to point out that we are to total diffrent groups and I
      would like to now whay after 24 years now going on 25 why my groups is
      being told we can't field the only why my groups is invalved in the
      other group is total because history has alreadt been wrote and my
      gropu is sapost to be the laison between the british and the native
      people so why is it now being said that my group is now unsafe please
      can some one give me answers before I need to take this matter to a
      legal limit I am a father I beleave safty is are first job to make
      sure things are going safe but I have a business in this hobby and I
      have my family in this hobby I have never done a unsafe act nore has
      to my knowledge any one in my group so can some one please give me the
      Thanks for this time Cammand and control Of British Indian Department
      Chris Wilkinson