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  • ray hobbs
    May 4 2:59 PM
      Dear Thin :-)
      My archaeological expedition for six years was at Tel Dor, Israel. It
      used to be known as Tanturah, and was one of the sites of a pause in
      Nappy's journey back to Egypt after Acre.
      In the museum at the site there are numerous encrusted cannons and
      muskets, a few sabres and other swords as well. Many were found on the
      seabed by the underwater team from the University of Haifa, others were
      found on site and had been buried for 180 years.
      Now this ain't Egypt today, but when Napoleon went through it was
      governed by Egypt as a province of the Ottoman Empire.
      I would love to see a battle or skirmish over land that has seen
      thousands of years of civilisation and warfare - and hot! Talk about
      hot! 40 Celsius by midday onsite (for those still using Fahrenheit -
      very hot). Wool uniforms - just what was needed.
      Egypt today - India tomorrow, and then the Fever isles - now that would
      be reenacting!
      Ray H
      41st Foot

      On Wednesday, May 4, 2005, at 03:10 PM, HQ93rd@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 2/05/2005 7:32:08 AM, suthren@... writes:
      > > But I'd risk the
      > > thought that it would be colourful and an addition, even if more the
      > > atmosphere of Napoleon's campaign in Egypt than William Henry
      > Harrison
      > > pursuing Tecumseh.....
      > >
      > Just what I was about to say!
      > So when are we having an Egypt event? (NOT actually IN Egypt, mind!)
      > B
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