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24928Re: [WarOf1812] Bellydance

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  • Angela
    May 2, 2005
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      There we have it...
      Thank you, Mike!

      Bellydance is the world's oldest known documented dance form. The fact that it's been tainted as a means of erotic entertainment for men is the responsibility of Westernized society. The dance was once used to pantomime the sowing and harvesting of crops, to bless and heal, expel demons, to worship deities, to prepare for childbirth and womanhood, and as most of you have come to know it - for secular entertainment.

      Nobody knows where it originated, but ancient forms of bellydance have been traced to India, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Hungary, Russia, China, Africa, the Caucasus Mountains, Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Europe and Spain. (I'm probably leaving some out here)!

      For years (B.C.), it's been customary for bellydancers to entertain family at weddings in the Middle East. A dancer would wear a candelbra on her head to light the way for the wedding party (no streetlights then). Family members would (and still do) get up and dance with the dancer. Middle Eastern men bellydance nearly as often as women. (In their masculine version).

      As a mother of three young children, I assure you that my goal here is not erotic entertainment for the men among us. What I wonder, is that whether or not an ancient artform such as bellydance could have been found in millitary encampments of the 1812 period in Upper Canada. I almost wonder how such an ancient dance from so many corners of the world could not have found a place.

      Would it have been shunned as something entirely inappropriate? There's no secret that Western society was (and still is) uncomfortable with sensuality. It's unfortunate that so many have a hard time distinguishing feminine sensuality from overt sexuality - but that's a battle I've grown accustomed to defending.

      Would it have been possible for a (dancing) woman of any stature to be traveling with the millitary for any reason? If so, how? Would such a thing be frowned upon? Why? I'm interested in your opinions, I truly am. But where can I find some accurate details on the subject? Anybody?


      Angela Bourbonnais

      BritcomHMP@... wrote:

      In a message dated 5/2/05 3:50:44 PM, ciefranche21e@... writes:

      > I'm thinking of the demure Becky Sharpe(?) from Vanity
      > Fair as an example. ;-) Been too long since I read the book, but the movie
      > certainly had an entertaining dance sequence.

      I would imagine that cinematic representation would be about a accurate as
      the military bits of that opus Mike!



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