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24704Re: [WarOf1812] State Militia flags?

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  • Brian Howard
    Apr 6, 2005

      In the photos that Ed posted, it appears the left
      image is of the flag used by the James City Light
      Infantry of Virginia. There is a book, I believe
      titled "Flags from Around the World" that has a
      drawing of this same flag.

      We of the 2nd Virginia Regiment used that drawing as
      the model for our flag. I will upload an image of our
      flag so you can see it better. If Ed can enlarge the
      images he posted, that would be even better.

      Hope this helps.

      Brian Howard
      2nd Virginia Regiment, 1813-1815

      --- Kevin Windsor <kevin.windsor@...> wrote:
      > Ed, anyway to make them bigger?? They're really
      > tiny!
      > K
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > > I've uploaded to the Yahoo group a picture of two
      > flags, supposedly
      > > captured by the 85th at Bladensburg from militia
      > units and currently
      > > residing in the Shropshire LI Regimental Museum.
      > >
      > > Ed Seufert, Cpl
      > > 1812 Royal Marines

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