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24671Fw: HMS Rose Newsletter: News on the Tall Ship Rose

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  • suthren@magma.ca
    Apr 1, 2005
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      So it would appear a once beautiful and valued sail training vessel and
      replica is being turned into a travesty of a tasteless nonsailing
      Hooters-type bar with a boxing kangaroo figurehead (!) and an 'authentic'
      crow's nest that 'every 18th C vessel had'. Poor Richard Bailey. And what
      John Millar must be thinking I can't imagine. Better to imagine her as she
      once was, mates, and raise a glass to what she gave us all. She deserved
      better than this....

      Yours aye
      Vic Suthren

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      > Los Angeles, April 1, 2005
      > Sources confirmed today that Russell Crowe has purchased the tall ship
      > HMS Rose from Fox Studios and the Maritime Museum San Diego. The ship
      > which was used in the film "Master and Commander: Far Side of the
      > World" will be moved from her current home in San Diego to Cabo San
      > Lucas, Mexico, where Crowe plans to convert it into a floating
      > restaurant and nightclub. According to an assistant to his publicist,
      > Cindy Knight, Mr Crowe developed the idea with friends during the
      > filming of the epic sea adventure. They had planned to open a South
      > Pacific themed restaurant in LA after filming but initial attempts to
      > work out a deal fell through because Fox wanted to reserve it for
      > possible use in a sequel. When the sequel was shelved talks started
      > up again and Crowe's new company, Twinkle Star Enterprises, was able
      > to close the deal.
      > "Russell has really been looking forward to this," says Knight. "It's
      > been a pet project of his for some time." According to Knight, he
      > plans to name the ship "Crowe's Nest" and make it a premier dockside
      > destination for wealthy Cabo party goers. It will feature Polynesian
      > food and have an all female wait staff. "Something like Hooters meets
      > Outback, but much nicer," says Knight. Apparently Crowe personally
      > designed the menu as well as a new figurehead, an emblematic boxing
      > kangaroo.
      > "The look of the ship won't change," claims Knight. "Space was a
      > problem initially, but Russell hired a Naval Architect to draw up
      > plans for a new deck for dancing which wouldn't detract from the
      > overall historic spirit of the ship. "In fact Russell wants to
      > enhance the historical accuracy of the ship by providing true crow's
      > nests, something that was missing in the movie. Apparently all square
      > rigged ships in the 1800's had them."
      > In keeping with the overall theme the additions will be "Crowe's
      > Nests" (note the 'e') and have ladders for VIP visitors, something
      > less common on ships in the 1800's.
      > Does Crowe plan on taking the ship for a spin out in the Pacific from
      > time to time, perhaps reprising his role as "Master and Commander" for
      > friends and family? "Heaven's no," says Knight. "The ship is going to
      > be cemented in it's berth. It's going to have very valuable movie
      > memorabilia on board so they don't want to risk damaging anything by
      > exposing it to harsh conditions."
      > The ship may be only the first in a series. Sources close to Crowe
      > say he plans to purchase additional tall ships and convert them into
      > members of a "fleet" of ships to be known as "Crowe Bars", installing
      > them in places like Monaco and Cancun where the rich and famous like
      > to play on their vacations.
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