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2429Re: New NPS Regs

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  • Pudding Boy
    Sep 2, 1999
      Some years ago I had a set of custom fitted ear plugs made for me out of a
      flesh colored silicone like substance. They aren't so farby looking and
      they fit perfectly. Biggest advantage is that they actually work better
      than the one size fits all foam cylinders. They were called the peacekeeper
      and were produced at that time by Marion Safety. I have no idea if they are
      still available or if the company is still in business but it is a great
      product. AND not very noticable at 20 paces.

      Dave Hinkley

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      Date: Thursday, September 02, 1999 1:56 PM
      Subject: Re: [WarOf1812] New NPS Regs

      >From: SACBG7@...
      >Dear Onelist,
      >I have the honor of commanding at Ft. McHenry next weekend. I too noticed
      the ear plug mention in my packet. While not exactly thrilled I can
      understand their point. I also see the worth of what was brought up not just
      by Benton, but by Tim, and many others of you.
      > While we may not like orange or yellow foam protruding from our ears (or
      even parsnips) it remains that we are guests on another site's property
      having two choices--play by their rules or don't attend.
      >I too have lost some hearing over the years due to gunfire, explosions, and
      even theatrical work, (another story.) At times I do choose to wear them.
      At others not. But the choice is mine. If something happens then I and I
      alone must bear responsibility. Tim is right. This can be and sometimes is
      a dangerous hobby. While I respect the Park's concerns, and will be sure my
      people follow them, I would much rather have been given a choice. If the
      choice is offered and something happens by your declining to wear them the
      responsibility must lie with you and you alone. We can't legislate
      responsibility, nor can we make others responsible for choices we make.
      >I understand the NPS's concern. Having personally seen some things on NPS
      and State property done by reenactors I can well percieve the reason for
      their concern. One sorry by-product of this is the mistrust which still
      seems to fester between those entrusted with an historical site's care and
      those who want to help interpret it.
      >Given a choice I probably wouldn't wear them. Since it is their sandbox
      and I am their guest, I'll play by their rules. I guess it is a shame when
      we must have laws for everything, including what should be our own
      responsibility. Any other viewpoints?
      >Thanks. Hope to see many of you next weekend.
      >Steve Abolt
      >7th USILHA
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