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  • Roger Fuller
    Sep 1, 1999
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      From: tlubka@... <tlubka@...>
      To: WarOf1812@onelist.com <WarOf1812@onelist.com>
      Date: 01 September 1999 08:50
      Subject: [WarOf1812] Re:New NPS Regs

      >From: tlubka@...
      >>I've just received a letter from the NPS on safety regulations to be
      >at Fort McHenry for the weekend of the 10-12th. It seems that the NPS has
      >just passed a new rule that persons performing firing demos on park
      >are now required to wear ear-plugs which will be supplied by the NPS.<
      >The British Sgt. turns to his men.
      >"Make ready!"
      >"I said Make ready!!"
      >I can see the NPS next inforcing leather gauntlets because one
      >might get their hands burned.
      >To copy Roger Fuller,
      >"Oh the humanity!"
      >PS - Sorry Roger....(somebody had to say it)
      >Terry Lubka
      >25th US, GLI
      Actually, I am waiting for the NPS to make us all put large clear plexiglas
      shields on our muskets and rifles. We'd all look like we were carrying
      transparent Panzerfaust weapons....:^)

      *sigh* just one more banana peel on our slippery way down the slope to the
      all-knowing, all-seeing, all-banning "Nanny State"...

      "We know what's best for you- just shut up and do as we tell you...." :^),
      they always say.

      "But... we're doing it for the chiiiildren!", they also say.

      "Oh, the humanity!" I say (again)....

      Other possible scenario:

      "Look out for that falling branch!"
      "Huh? Whaddidyousay?"
      "Look out!"
      "What? I have no idea what you're saying. Lemme take out these earpl- "

      NB: I wear earplugs when shooting live, but live ball is a lot louder than
      the "FOOMP" of a musket full of powder. I also wear them because many of my
      fellow shooters at the range fire Berettas, SKS's, Mausers, Armalites, etc.
      THOSE are loud!!

      At reenactments? It should be up to the individual, i.e, responsible adult,
      who chooses to participate, Legalman notwithstanding. Reenactment is an
      inherently risky affair, and one should proceed accordingly, keeping in mind
      one's personal limitations.

      Anybody else seen this new restriction for living historians at an NPS (or
      English Heritage!) site, or anywhere else?

      Roger Fuller
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