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23793Re: [WarOf1812] Boundries of the Niagara frontier

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  • ray hobbs
    Jan 5, 2005
      I think that the term "Niagara frontier" is a later notion created by
      historians to make sense of the events of the war. I do not recall
      reading it in any of the documents I have read about the war which were
      written by participants.
      The administrative District of Niagara, covered approximately the
      Niagara Peninsula - from the Niagara River to Grimsby (The "Forty").
      But this was formalized after the war, probably by about 1820.
      Other districts in "Upper Canada West" (also a later term), included
      Home District
      Gore District
      Wellington District
      Brock District
      Talbot District
      London District
      Western District
      Strictly speaking, I believe the term "Niagara Frontier" is generally
      reserved by historians to the forts and outposts along the Niagara
      The British Army was understood to be divided into "Divisions", Left,
      Centre and Right.
      Originally the Left Division extended from Kingston to the east, the
      Centre was concentrated around the town of York and the Head of the
      Lake and to Niagara. The Centre Division also had responsibility for
      the area west of the Head of the Lake to Brant's Ford and south to Long
      Point; the Right Division was concentrated in the western region around
      Sandwich, Amherstburg and occasionally across the border to Detroit.
      After the loss of the Western region in October 1813, the designations
      changed, and the Centre became the Right, the Left became the Centre
      and everything east of that into Quebec, became the Left.
      There, 'tis that simple.
      Good wishes
      Ray Hobbs
      41st Regt.

      On Wednesday, January 5, 2005, at 05:49 AM, Mark Ibbotson wrote:

      > Happy new year all
      > What were the boundries of the Niagara frontier during 1812-14.
      > Does/ did the region spread as far west as Detroit between Lakes Huron
      > and Erie and to the east to the Niagara river between Lakes Ontario
      > and Erie.
      > How far north did it go, Did it cut off between Lakes Huron and
      > Ontario?
      > Cheers
      > Ibbo
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