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23773Re: [WarOf1812] Christmas Cheer

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  • J-P Johnson
    Jan 3, 2005
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      PEGGY MATHEWS wrote:

      >Perhaps they are drawn from the books (which I haven't read) like the beat to quarters variation from the norm, which I'm told is lifted as a quirk of "Lucky Jack" from the books. As for the port, we always had the understanding that once started about it was very bad form to set it down till it had been all the way around or was emptied. Perhaps I am confusing a land tradition?
      >Happy New Years to all,
      >Michael Mathews
      Canadian Air Force-types pass the port without letting it touch the
      table. Some of us even hold the glass aloft while pouring. This can
      cause a bit of tension at mixed element functions when the zoomies and
      the fish-heads are seated side-by-each. The army-types I associate
      with either don't seem to have a preference or have a specific
      regimental custom.

      One of the things I miss after becoming a senior officer is no longer
      being able to 'do my duty by the Port' after mess dinners in disposing
      of the remaining open bottles with the rest of the junior officers.
      More than once we conspired with the stewards to have more bottles
      opened than should have been just for our use later that evening. :-)

      Cpl J-P Johnson
      Bulger's Coy, Royal NFLand Reg't
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