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23758Christmas Cheer.

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  • lalozon
    Dec 31, 2004
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      From: "John E Greig" <je.greig@...>

      "... Yes, Port does only come from Portugal and the Douro region ....
      Can you buy white port at the LCBO? .."



      I don't know if it is your cold or the British air .....!?!?!

      When in the Colonies,You have shopped in the LCBO and saw Beers as
      well as Red and White Ports from other lands. You have also shopped in
      Marsh's Grocery Store and the Liquor Store in Marion, Indiana, USA and
      saw Red and White Ports.


      If Port is only available from Portugal
      why do they call it Port when it is manufactured in Canada or South Africa

      I notice Champagne is only from France and all others are Sparkling Wines

      and of course the good Commander of the 42nd (Black Watch) Regt, Mr. Harris
      us all of the Japanese Scotch which he enjoyed.

      Soo much booze, soo little time .......


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